watch repair piccadillyWhen you need expert watch repair from respected and experienced watchmakers, Watch Repair Piccadilly is the place to come. Watchmakers Sean and Santos have more than a century of knowledge and expertise between them and Watch Repair Piccadilly has been the preferred choice for many over more than twenty years.

Our two expert watchmakers do all that they can to offer an extremely high standard throughout their work, delivering highly professional services and quality results. We offer a wide range of watch repair services, from simple battery and strap replacement to full customisation with gold, silver and all types of gemstone.

Choose Watch Repair Piccadilly if you’re looking for 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer nothing but the best to all of our customers, delivering extreme speed without compromising on quality.

We can fix most watches while you wait, so there’s no need for you to come back another day or find something to occupy yourself while we work. You can take your repaired watch home in no time at all.

watch repairAll of our repair work has a 12-month guarantee to reassure you of its excellent quality.

Watch Repair Piccadilly doesn’t just focus on fixing watches well. We are also passionate about delivering top customer service. Every customer receives the utmost care and attention, speedy service and friendly advice.

We even make things easier for our customers by offering a repair by post service. Send your watch to the shop, get a free estimate with no obligation, and we can fix the problem and send it back.

If you prefer to come and see us, you can also book a repair online so that you can reserve the perfect time to drop by. We offer an online tracking service so that you can track the repair of your watch as it’s repaired, and you know when it’s ready.

As well as support in person, get the support you need online by using our live chat. You can email us if you have any questions or comments too, or call us if you want to speak to someone directly. Of course, you can always drop by the kiosk at any time, whether you bring a watch for repair or you just want to have a chat about all things watches.

Please feel free to come and speak to Sean or Santos about your requirements whenever you want. They are both happy to help with anything – as long as it’s related to watches! We have helped more than 10,000 customers since our opening in 1994, offer a fast, reliable and affordable service to all.

Our services include:watch repair shop london

  • Battery replacement and reseal
  • Automatic movement watch servicing
  • Quartz watch servicing
  • Mechanical chronograph watch servicing
  • Refurbs and polishing
  • Band and strap replacement

About Sean

Sean is a self-made craftsman who is well-known both in the local area and as a respected watchmaker. He has decades of experience and is highly recognised as one of the oldest watchmakers in Piccadilly.

He has been described by our customers as everything from “craftsmanship at its best, friendly and efficient” to simply a “great bloke”! You can find Sean at the kiosk from Monday to Thursday, ready to assist you with any watch under the sun.

Whether you bring him a simple Chinese-made watch or a state of the art Richard Muller, Sean is ready and willing to help you out.

About Santos

Santos is known as the watch wizard for his skills and experience in watchmaking. He has been fixing watches since he was 13 years old at home in South America. He moved to Switzerland in 1999 to become an expert in the most complex mechanisms in one of the world’s most famous locations for watchmaking. In 2001, he came to England and made his mark as a well-known watchmaker in Hatton.

He gained more experience with a variety of movements and the most complex chronograph movements during this time. Watch Repair Piccadilly customers say that Santos is a “lovely, honest man who will give the best advice” and “extremely knowledgeable and friendly”. Santos can be found at the shop every Friday.

Come and see either Sean or Santos at Watch Repair Piccadilly for all of your watch repair needs. We’re here to help you with any repairs, from the simplest jobs to the more complicated repairs.

If you can’t make it to the shop, simply send us your watch, and we can repair it and send it back to you instead.

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