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Do you need a professional watch glass replacement in London? We provide a high-quality watch glass replacement service for all types of watches, including vintage watches and luxury brands like Cartier, Rolex and Omega.


Don’t let unsightly damage to your watch’s glass reduce its value. 


Thanks to our talented watch technicians, you can quickly fix your smashed or cracked watch glass and restore it to its original look. 


We stock high-quality mineral glass, sapphire and acrylic to fit all sizes. In addition, all watch glass repairs are done in-house for lower, affordable costs. 


Here at Watch Repair Piccadilly, we understand how vital watch repair is to be handled with delicate hands. So you can trust us to repair your watch with precision and care. Watch Repair Piccadilly is proud to offer the best watch glass replacement services in London and the United Kingdom!


Watch Repair Piccadilly are your one-stop-shop for watch services in London. We offer a wide range of services not only for your wristwatch glasses but for your pocket watches, clocks, and much more.

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Servicing Your Glass Watch In London

If you’re in the market for a high-end watch glass replacement but don’t know where to begin in your search, then look no further.

Here at Watch Repair Piccadilly, we understand how important it is that watch repair be handled with a delicate hand and a lot of care. Entrusting someone to take apart and put back together an item like a watch is no small matter. This is exactly why we are proud to offer the best watch glass replacement services in not just London, but the United Kingdom!

We provide a range of watch repair services, including simple to complex repairs, watch glass replacement, repairs and cleaning, battery replacement and watch servicing. We provide a watch glass repair and replacement service for all makes and models of watches, including brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Breitling and Omega.

We offer a wide range of services not only for your wristwatch glasses, but for your pocket watches, clocks, and much more.

Ready to Repair your Watch Glass?

If you’re searching for a premium watch glass replacement but don’t know where to begin, look no further.

Our highly experienced watchmakers specialise in replacing and repairing watch glass on various luxury and fashion watches. So you can expect an efficient repair with excellent results. 

Whether you need a fast watch glass repair on minor scratches and scrapes, or a complete replacement, we can assess your watch’s individual needs for optimal appearance and functionality. 

So, don’t spend another minute with a broken watch glass. Contact Watch Repair Piccadilly and fix it today!

Can’t make it to our repair centre? We’ll send you a fully insured, pre-paid postage box.

Our Glass Repair Service

Custom Watch Glass Replacement

We specialise in watch glass replacement services for your watches and any other products that may require replacement glasses, such as a timepiece. Our team of talented watchmakers are well-equipped in repairing all different types of watch brands and are aware of the importance of keeping your items in perfect condition. What’s more, we offer many varieties of glass, including mineral glass, sapphire crystal glass, acrylic glass and many more.


When replacing broken glass it is essential that the new glass fit perfectly, which is why we put so much emphasis on the skill and training of our expert watchmakers. We believe that there is no reason why your replacement watch should have to feel anything less than brand new!

Repairs, Cleaning & Polishing

Looking after your watches means keeping on top of any cleaning or repairing of parts that may be required. Even though your watch may be able to function despite minor damage to the watch case or glass, would you not rather remove scratches from the watch glass so that it looks shiny and new?


All of our watch technicians are skilled in repairs and cleaning services and use only the highest quality repair tools and replacement parts. There is no problem too big or small! All you have to do is call us to book an appointment, and from there we can assess your watch and any replacement, cleaning, or repair work needed.

Watch Restoration & Full Service

Knowing where to go for watch repairs and servicing can be tricky as you can’t trust just anyone with something as precious and meaningful as a watch. Inexperienced hands can easily cause damage to the delicate watch parts. That’s why you should take a visit to our London shop. Our expert team is experienced with both mechanical and quartz watch movements.


We offer any dial restoration that your watch may need, as well as some custom, specialised services that you won’t find on the high street. Be it a faulty watch battery replacement, gasket repair, watch glass or crystal replacement, or a restoration of your watch crystals, our team will provide you with the best in both customer service and watch repairs.

Open a repair ticket for a free no-obligation watch assessment, or talk to a watch repair expert.

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Mon-Fri — 9 AM – 6 PM GMT 
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Start Your Repair

Select your the issue or required service and describe the issue in details to get started.


Costs are based on individual assessments on each watch to determine the damage and what kind of replacement and repair is needed. The good news? Watch Repair Piccadilly offers expert services at affordable prices to suit all budgets.

Yes, you can change the glass on your watch. Here at Watch Repair Piccadilly, we stock replacement watch glass in various sizes and thicknesses, flat or domed. Our watch glass materials include:

  • mineral glass
  • sapphire glass
  • acrylic glass

For higher-end watches, we recommend sapphire glass. This glass is almost scratch-resistant but is too fragile for use on watches that require more wear and tear, like army watches. On the other hand, quality mineral glass or acrylic will work exceptionally well for everyday fashion watches. 

The main advantages of using Watch Repair Piccadilly for your Rolex repairs are:

What Customers Say About
Our Repair Service

  • 5 star review  Posted my watch on the Wednesday.. Back Friday afternoon. Repairs fixed. Reasonably priced. Overall 10/10 Would highly recommed ??

    thumb Ryan Stevens

    5 star review  The team has done an incredible job in fixing my watch. On top of that, they kept me in the loop constantly about the process. Due to the current situation, they also offered a next day delivery straight to my door. I do truly recommend their service.

    thumb Lorenzo Rizzato

    5 star review  I've brought several different makes of watches from different countries, and they have been able to solve all of the challenges I've presented. I'm so grateful to have found this company. Don't hesitate!

    thumb Mark Arnold

    5 star review  Watch Problem? Look ? No Further ❗️ This is Your Only One ☝? Stop ? Watch Repair Shop ? For All Your Watch Problems, They Fixed My Rolex Yacht-Master 168622 Crown ? & Did an Awesome ? ?? Amazing ? Job. Well Done ?? Love ? You Guys ?% Highly Recommendation, Perfect ?? From Top To Bottom, Brilliant, Kind & Friendly Communication is Spot On. I’m Giving Them Extra 5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love ? it ?%

    thumb Hannan Gulrez
  • 5 star review  I have visited Watch Repair Piccadilly on five separate occasions over the past few years. The brilliant specialists there have given me first class service- ranging from a simple tune up to an extended restoration. From the most involved repairs to simple battery changes, I can not recommend them highly enough. Mr Santos runs the business according to an ethic of a bygone era, he offers a top rate service, for a fair price, and takes real pride in the mastery of his craft. You can trust this business with your valued possessions and be certain that you will receive them back in perfect working order, they stand behind the work they do which is why I’m a repeat customer.

    thumb Josh

    1 star review  I took a Seiko with a lot of sentimental value to the shop to repair as it stopped running. They informed me that the mechanism was obsolete and needed replacing. After not much more information on that regarding procedures I decided to trust the good reviews id seen earlier on google and went ahead with it. I collected my watch to see the dial had been completely chipped between the 11 and 1 o’clock markers. This was completely disregarded on collection and was given back to me without an apology and as though nothing had happened. I tried to see past this but later on that day I noticed that they had replaced the hands with much larger and what where in my opinion completely inappropriate ones for the small dress watch that is was. They drilled into the dial’s small day/date window to extend the width on the left side without my knowledge or consent in order to “fit” it in. The entire dial also now sits at about 2mm deeper in the case than it did originally too. What was a very special little watch to me has now been completely ruined thanks to the hands of whoever was involved in this. Originally I was offered a replacement watch of the same model and year, but in my opinion this is completely missing the point. I asked for a full refund of what I paid to have the repair which was received. I went with google and trusted the reviews for this but couldn’t have got it more wrong. I’ve never left a review on google before but felt leaving this info was somewhat important. I maybe should have read things a little closer and what exactly the 5* reviews where reviewing as it seems whoever was left in charge with my watch could probably really just about change a battery, let alone anything else. Truly terrible service and honestly wouldn’t recommend anybody to do business with unless you’re getting your strap resized. I think anybody would expect full knowledge on the complete procedures, and this would always include visual changes. I have included a picture of the watch taken shortly before I took it to the shop, and a picture of the watch the day It was collected. Don’t take the risk with this place if you care about your watch as much as I did!

    thumb Lewis

    5 star review  I brought my watch to get its mechanism repaired, battery changed, and strap replaced. The service was efficient and friendly and the pricing was very reasonable. An absolutely fantastic small business, which I cannot possibly recommend enough!

    thumb Darryl Teo

    5 star review  Exceptional customer service from these guys. Reasonable prices and many jobs are done while you wait. Wonderful staff. Highly recommended.

    thumb John Brennan
  • 5 star review  I highly recommend this teeny tiny shop in Piccadilly Circus station. These guys really know what they are doing!! Thanks to both Joel and Jonathan for getting my watch fixed. I bought a mechanical watch recently and it had issues with the dates. The day I went to them they tried to look at it and fix on the spot but they said it would take longer and asked me to leave the watch with them. I left it with Joel at the shop in December and he assured me that they will fix it. It took slightly longer than expected for them to fix the watch during Christmas Holidays and parts but Jonathan was always available to respond to my queries even when the shop was closed and kept me informed during this period and was on hand to answer any queries - Jonathan is very passionate about watches as well. This is why it makes them different from other shops. I finally collected my watch yesterday and was so happy. Not just because the problem with the date was fixed but also the customer service they provided was impecable. Will definitely go to these guys in the future and I highly recommend them.

    thumb Vaibhav Rana

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