How to Clean a Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

Diamonds are more resilient than many other gemstones. This makes them perfect for rings and means that you can clean them more regularly without worrying about potentially damaging the diamond. However, cleaning your diamond ring at home can be a concern, as you don’t want to get it wrong and ruin your ring. Our guide will help you clean your engagement ring safely.


How often should you clean your ring?

Daily wear of your diamond engagement ring means that it will quickly pick up oils and dirt. Over time, this can leave your ring looking dull and discoloured. Experts recommend having your ring professionally cleaned twice a year, especially if you live an active outdoor lifestyle or encounter a high number of oil and dirt.

To give your ring the best chance, clean your ring once a week to remove any built up grim and dirt. You should also complete a thorough clean once a month to keep your ring shining on your finger, preventing the cloudy appearance many associate with dirty diamond rings. The good news is that you can easily do this at home without putting your ring at risk.

How to clean a diamond ring at home

The soap and water method

The best solution to clean your diamond ring at home is the soap and water method. This gentle method is perfect for removing any oils or dirt that has collected on your diamond, and you’ll have everything that you need at home to get your ring shiny again.

Soak your ring for at least 20 minutes in a soap and warm water solution, using a very soft toothbrush brush away any dirt and grim. Once you have given your ring a good clean, rinse it under warm running water before drying with a soft cloth or a hairdryer. Your ring will look shiny again!

The professional method

There are plenty of professional ring cleaning solutions available online, but if you are going to use one to clean your ring, opt for a non-abrasive and chemical-free one. Avoid anything with acetone, bleach, or chlorine in it as this can damage your ring.

Methods you should avoid

Harmful chemical solutions

Acetone, bleach, and chlorine can be harmful to your ring. The harsh chemicals can lead to a breakdown in the base metals of your ring, leaving your ring damaged. You should also avoid any abrasive products such as baking soda or toothpaste, as this can scratch the metal of the ring and leave it looking tarnished.

Ultrasonic cleanser

Ultrasonic cleanser work wonders for professional jewellers, but the at-home versions can be too harsh on your precious gems. The vibrations sent through the water can be extremely vigorous, causing stones to become loose or fall out. Professional jewellers are able to test the gems to ensure that they are all correct and where they should be, but when cleaning at home, you may not notice.

When to seek professional services

It is best to have your diamond engagement ring cleaned by a professional twice a year. This will ensure that your ring is cleaned to the highest standard and looks as good as the day you first bought it. They can also then repair and polish the ring if it has been damaged to restore it to its former glory.

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