How to Keep a Luxury Watch in Good Condition

To start the New Year Rolex substantially increased the prices of its luxury watches. In particular, their steel luxury watch models received the most noticeable inflation in price. A standard Rolex watch typically contains more than 160 parts. Meaning periodic maintenance is valuable to your watch’s longevity. 

As a result, cherishing and caring for your luxury watches has never been more essential. This blog will outline vital tips you need to keep your luxury watches ticking. So you don’t say an early goodbye.

Tips on Cleaning

Removing dirt and taking diligent care of your watch can make it last for years and years. More specifically you should be cleaning your watch every month to prevent the build-up of dirt. As dirt and dust can access the moving components of the watch and hinder performance.

Rolex Care and Omega Care

  The two most iconic luxury Swiss watch brands are Rolex and Omega.

Omega watches are some of the most luxurious watches on the market. A traditional Swiss brand that has been part of some of the most prevalent events in history. Omega watches are timeless watchmakers.

Rolex watches are one of the most popular watches on the market. With much mainstream success, Rolex is many watch enthusiasts’ gateway into the watch world. 

Figuring out luxury watch care can seem a daunting task. Not knowing how to clean your watch or the benefit of servicing can cause unintentional damage to your timepiece.

First, acquire a soft bristle toothbrush. A firm bristle toothbrush may be too harsh on the watch’s surface. Take the time to check if the crown is firmly secured. Add a smidge of washing-up liquid to the toothbrush. Don’t press too hard. Then gently scrub the casing of the watch.  

A toothbrush will allow you to get in between all the crevasses which would otherwise be too difficult with a cloth. Use this method for the strap if it is made of the same material as the crown. 

Rinse the watch off with some lukewarm water and delicately dry it with a paper towel. Be cautious not to completely submerge your watch underwater. Your timepiece should ideally come into contact with a few splashes of water.

Finally, all you need is a microfiber cloth. Be sure to check if the cloth you are using is clean. Then simply dry the watch in the appropriate areas. The microfiber cloth in particular will ensure the metal on the watch is not damaged. Ideally one should look to complete this ritual regularly.

Luxury Watch Repairs

Don’t be shy to service your watch. Having your watch serviced by an expert can be just what your watch needed. In general, you should be servicing your watch every two to three years especially if you wear your watch often. 

The frequency of service needed for the watch will change from brand to brand. Luckily many watch companies disclose their recommended service frequency for their timepieces. 

Omega watch service should occur every 2 years for maintenance service and 4 to 5 years for a complete service. A Rolex watch service is advised to be conducted every 10 years.

We recommend every 5 to 7 years. These measures make issues with the watch less likely and allow your timepiece to perform optimally. 

When you buy a vintage watch, you should ask the seller when the last service was performed. You should also inquire about the specific components that have been replaced.

Overtime, watches decrease in performance. So getting your watch serviced means you are getting the most out of it: increasing the watch’s lifespan and getting the best value for money.

Storing Watches

Where you keep your watch when it’s not on your wrist has a big impact on its overall longevity.

Store a watch in the box it was received in

The box from which your watch arrived is a good place to keep your watch when it isn’t on your wrist. These boxes are specially designed to protect watches when they’re inside. Ensure the watch is placed in the box in the same manner in which it was first received. This will prevent unsightly scratches. 

However, for the more avid collectors, with multiple timepieces in their collection, investing in a luxury watch box might be a wise investment.

Keep the watch away from magnets

Be sure you haven’t positioned your watch near anything magnetic. Unknown to most is that magnets can affect the moving parts inside of the watch. This in turn alters the timekeeping of the watch. So keep away from magnetic sources.

Keep the watch out of direct sunlight

Leaving your watch out in the sunlight can be detrimental. Sunlight can fade the watch’s colour giving it a washed-out appearance. Heat in general can negatively affect your watch by reducing its battery life. 

Rolex Increasing Prices in 2022

An interesting way to kickstart the first few days of 2022 was Rolex escalating the prices of their luxury timepieces. To note this surge in prices has only influenced their most popular models. Specifically, the price of these models has risen 11%. In general Rolex’s less notable products have not been exposed to this skyrocket in price.

There is a long list of reasons why Rolex has bumped up its prices. For example pandemic-related expenses. What is certain though is that other luxury watch brands will mimic Rolex’s price rise. 

Rolex is a giant in its industry and influences where the industry shifts. Meaning Rolex’s rise in prices is likely going to cause other brands to increase their own. In addition, Rolex makes up for one-quarter of the entire Swiss watch industry’s annual yield.

Watches by Rolex have enjoyed high demand over the last few years. This is due to the limited number of watches Rolex produces each year. Due to the short supply of their watches, licensed resellers are forced to hike prices as it becomes more difficult to obtain more popular timepieces.

Since the year 2021, Rolex has consistently demonstrated why it is one of the industry’s most desired watchmakers. The company produces much more accessible watches than other watchmakers, despite not being the oldest or most luxurious brand.