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Watches are a timeless, classic way to style yourself. Adding a timepiece to your ensemble can tie your look together, or add a little something extra to your outfit. Are you searching for your perfect watch? Allow us to take you through the five most reputable watch brands in the world, so you can be fully informed and fall in love with the perfect timepiece. Your watch takes you through your day, so when maintenance is needed, you need to find someone you trust.

Here at Watch Repair Piccadilly, we pride ourselves on understanding both you and your watch. We know it is an investment and represents your style, so we always take the utmost care when maintaining and servicing your watch. We have been repairing watches since 1994 and are trusted by many watch wearers across London. Allow us to introduce you to the main brands we carry out watch repairs and watch services on, and our commitment to maintaining them to perfection.

We carry out specialist watch repairs on five reputable brands:

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Rolex - Rolex Repair London

When thinking of iconic watches, it is likely that the first brand that comes to mind is Rolex. They have been hand-making watches for well over a century, and their quality assurance process is rigorous and guarantees a beautiful piece of jewellery. They use 904L, the world’s most expensive stainless steel which is exclusive to Rolex, so their products are more resistant to rust, corrosion, and pitting. Not only is their steel unique, they also make their gold in-house.

Our Rolex repair service is guaranteed to bring the same level of quality as when it was first purchased.

We can carry out a simple Rolex cleaning and service, including polishing and maintenance work, or can complete whole procedures. Our Rolex repair service exists to fix any problems with your timepiece, from glass replacement to clock repair.

Simply visit our contact page or submit your repair request to begin discussing your watch repairs at our Rolex service in London.

Cartier - Cartier Watch Repair Service

Cartier is another iconic jewellery brand, but may not be instantly recognised for their watchmaking. While they now have some of the most popular pieces of modern jewellery, it is a little known fact that Cartier actually made the first purpose-built wristwatch. Out of anyone to trust with a watch investment, the people who invented the modern watch as we know it today are probably a good way to go.

An interesting thing about Cartier watches is that they have always been genderless. All of their watches feature both masculine and feminine details, so could not be sold as “men’s” and “women’s”. They belong to anyone who connects with that model.

When carrying out a Cartier watch service or repair, we are very aware of this brand’s legacy and how intricate and elegant their pieces are. We at Watch Repair Piccadilly are very proud to be an official Cartier watch service centre. They recommend servicing your watch every 5-7 years to achieve and maintain optimal performance, and we can carry out this routine maintenance for you, as well as any specific repair services you may need. From spring repair to complete restoration, our Cartier watch repair service is held to the official Cartier standards. We finely inspect, replace, and reseal your watch to Cartier exacting standards and only use original new parts.

Visit our Cartier watch repairs page for more information, or submit a repair request to begin your Cartier watch repair and maintenance.

TAG Heuer - TAG Heuer Service London

TAG Heuer is a reputable watchmaker that has been run by the Heuer family for four generations. One of the oldest brands on this list, they manufactured watches for and were the official timekeepers for the Olympics in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Paris in the 1920s Olympic Games. They built the first watch that could count to 1/100th of a second, and have even developed a chronograph that can measure time to 1/2000th of a second. TAG Heuer has always been a reputable brand that continually innovates the humble wristwatch, and we have over 25 years of experience working with them.

TAG watches are designed for longevity, but wear and tear are unavoidable. They recommend pressure testing your watch at least once every 12 months, as well as undertaking a full service every 5-6 years. Our TAG Heuer watch repair service is here to provide all the attention and care your timepiece requires. From strap replacement to full servicing, we are well versed in TAG models and are confident in our ability to make your watch new again.

If your TAG is in need of some extra care, or you’d just like a professional opinion, please do contact us or submit a repair request.

To read more about our TAG Heuer service, visit our TAG Heuer repair page, or come visit us at our watch repair store in Piccadilly Circus Station.

Omega - Omega Watch Repairs London

Founded in 1848, Omega is one of the most established watch brands in the world. The “omega” letter in the Greek alphabet means “greatness and perfection”, and don’t they deserve that title. The timepiece of choice for 007 himself, and the first watch to be worn on the moon, Omega has a rich and exciting history and a catalogue of A-Listers who proudly wear their models. They also took over from TAG Heuer as the official timekeeper of the Olympics in 1932, and still are to this day.

We are fully independent of the Omega group, so are not retrained in the services we can carry out on your watch and can keep our prices low. We can carry out a full service, as well as refurbishments and repairs. Our London Omega repairs are guaranteed to be lower in price, and we are committed to maintaining and servicing your watch to perfection.

Visit our Omega repair and service page to find out more about what we can do for you.

Breitling - Breitling Watches Repair

Not just a pretty (watch) face, Breitling has used their watches to implement real change in people’s lives. In 1995, they launched their Emergency wristwatch. This particular model includes a micro transmitter that sends out a distress signal in case of emergency, and more than a dozen lives have been saved thanks to Breitling’s ingenious innovation. They are also widely recognised for their chronograph usage, which would make sense. They invented them!

From full Breitling servicing to chronograph dial replacements, to Breitling repairs, we are here to maintain your timepiece. Breitling recommends servicing your watch every 2 years, and you can visit our Breitling watch repair page to get more information on how this would work, and the servicing cost.

If you are looking for Breitling repairs, submit a repair request.

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Now that you have been introduced to the five main brands we carry out watch repairs and services on, it’s time to make a decision! Ultimately, there is no wrong decision. If you are drawn to a particular model or style, try it on and go for it!

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