The Most Frequently asked Questions about Luxury Watch Care, Answered

How long can a luxury watch last?

Luxury watches can last generations. Specifically, some Rolex watch owners have been known to possess watches that lasted 1 to 2 decades without servicing. Luxury watches typically can always be fixed and repaired through servicing. As long as no significant components have been exposed to rust.

How do I keep my luxury watch looking new?

Regular cleaning with a microfiber cloth and some washing-up liquid will have your watch always looking as good as new. This should be done every month to ensure your watch stays robust.

How do you store a Rolex?

A very effective care trick that will make your watch last substantially longer is cleaning it before you store it. Lightly wet microfiber cloth, add a dollop of dish soap. Then gently wipe the watch down.

Now your watch is clean, you can store it. For storage, placing your watch in the box you received it in is a good way to go. Furthermore, a luxury watch box might be a good purchase for those who possess multiple timepieces in their collection.

How do you maintain a vintage watch?

You should always strive to be as delicate as possible when handling your vintage watch. Vintage watches are not as durable as their contemporary counterparts so they must receive the utmost care. 

Cleaning your watch regularly will help the watch maintain its performance. Simply wipe down the watch, making sure dust and dirt are absent from the watch’s surface. This is because dust can get into the watch’s movement and hinder its performance.

Can you wear a vintage watch every day?

If your beloved watch brings you joy and happiness every day by all means wear it to your heart’s content. However, if you want your vintage watch to last, wearing it every day is not advised. Wearing your watch every day will lead to parts getting worn out. 

Eventually, you may run into a problem where manufacturers no longer produce the parts that are appropriate for your vintage watch. In that case, servicing your watch will not be enough to get it up and running again.

Should you clean your vintage watch?

No – it is not recommended that you clean your vintage watch. I task like that should be left to professionals. Therefore you must get your vintage watch serviced every couple of years. Cleaning a vintage watch on your lonesome may disfigure the watch’s metal. Specialists have adept equipment to handle such metals.

How often should I get my vintage watch serviced?

The moving parts inside a vintage watch are very fragile. Since it was worn by a previous owner it is even more prone to damage. It is therefore advised that you get your vintage watch serviced every 2 years.

How to clean a vintage wristwatch

In some cases, you shouldn’t clean an old vintage wristwatch. Such work should be handled by professionals. Otherwise, proceed as follows.

Invest in a toothbrush with soft bristles. Brushes with hard bristles can wear down the watch’s surface. Double-check the crown to be sure it is firmly secured. To the toothbrush, add a few drops of washing-up liquid. Avoid pressing too hard. Finally, clean the watch’s case gently. 

Does Rolex service vintage watches?

No – Rolex does not have facilities that handle vintage watch repair. Their goal is to make their modern watch products as sturdy as possible.

How do you get scratches off of an old watch?

If the scratches on the watch are too deep you may need to take it in to get the glass replaced. If not then cover the areas of the watch that you don’t want polished with tape. Add a tiny drop of your chosen polish onto the watch’s glass. You could even use toothpaste. Use a polishing cloth to rub the polish in circular motions. Do this for a few minutes until you start to see the scratches fading.