The Most Nostalgic Watch Collaborations

Collaborations in the Watch World

Collaborations have been a huge technique in gaining sales for a long time, and in many different industries. Vans and Converse regularly bring out collaborations with movie characters, and even McDonald’s has undertaken collaborations with popular TV shows and bands. The watch industry is no stranger to collaboration. While there are often more traditional collaborations in the watch world between designers and brands, sometimes a brand will do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes, a watch might collaborate with the characters of our childhoods, and with it a sense of nostalgia and whimsy. They are also a fantastic way to bring some fun to your everyday style. Visit our shop to check out our limited pieces and find your style.

Timex X Mickey Mouse

Of course, we cannot discuss iconic watch collaborations without mentioning the Timex X Mickey Mouse watch. It was the first million dollar watch for the company, and started a legacy no one could have predicted. Timex features multiple times on this list due to their ability to launch a fun collaboration with equally timeless style.

Timex have updated and relaunched the Mickey watch multiple times since the 1960s, but have never changed the simplistic style of the face. Mickey’s arms act as the watch hands and point to the numbers, a feature that has never been altered, not even after almost 60 years. Every re-release of this watch is successful, and the brand has even been able to release even more limited Mickey watches, with their Steamboat Willie variant and their Disney Parks range. You can learn more about the iconic Timex Mickey Mouse collaboration here.

Timex has the formula for watch collaborations down to a science, and this can be seen in their other nostalgic collaborations.

Timex X Snoopy

The Snoopy watch collaboration with Timex follows the same style as the Mickey collaboration. They kept the classic analogue face, and while the Snoopy watch has a simplistic depiction of the cartoon character on the face, his hands are stationary. The classic and timeless style of the Mickey watch was translated across to this model, maintaining Timex’s reputation as a classy and serious watch brand while allowing them to explore the more fun side of watchmaking and collaborating.

Timex still produces Peanuts watches, which can be found here. The current range shows a modern, seasonal, and varied display of designs, and highlights the way that Timex have developed their collaborative style since the 1960s.

Timex X Pac Man

Timex’s digital Pac Man release was a step away from the classic nature of their other collaborations, due to the way they chose not to use the traditional analogue style. The digital watch itself invokes a retro, nostalgic feeling, then when it is surrounded by Pac Man art the vision truly comes to life. The design is subdued yet impactful, with the tiny ghosts circling the digital display screen. Timex is one of the giants of the watch world, and their collaborative work really sets them apart from the crowd.

Timex still shows the Pac Man watch on their website, where you can view the gold variant of the collaboration.

Undone X Monopoly

Another watch company which is known for unique collaborations is Undone. Their Monopoly range is a must-have for any board game fans, and they even produced two completely different designs. The Godfather is black with gold accents, and features a depiction of the Monopoly Man wielding two stacks of cash in his hands on the face. The Benjamin is more subdued, with a beige face and green accents (like a “Benjamin” note), with a tiny Monopoly Man with stacks of cash sticking out of a subdial. This range is fun because of the way the designers were clearly able to have fun with their creation and played with the colour schemes and illustrations, while also keeping the timepieces as classy and minimal as possible.

The Undone X Monopoly webpage is as immersive and creative as the watch range itself, and highlights the unique design of the timepieces.

Undone X Batman

For the 80th anniversary of Batman, Undone released a limited edition watch. Keeping in with the theme of the Benjamin watch, one of the subdials displays a bat signal silhouetted against a yellow glow-in-the-dark backdrop. The rest of the watch is very minimal, with the only other obvious nod to the Batman franchise being in the yellow accents on the face. This is a perfect piece for the comic obsessed, while keeping the tribute to one of the best superheroes minimal and mature.

The Wayne Industries watch has two blue subdials that glow in the dark instead of one yellow one, but still features a bat signal. This design is more subdued and less obviously a Batman watch, but once you look closely it becomes clear that this is a nod to a comic book classic.

The Batman watches are still available to view on the Undone website.

Citizen X Marvel

Keeping in with the superhero theme, Citizen’s Marvel range is one of the most detailed and varied collaborations we have come across. They released at least one watch per Avenger, and even included a tribute to the late and great Stan Lee in one of the models. By adopting the colour schemes and symbols of the characters, they have created a mature yet clear nod to the Avengers. Despite the use of colours that most watchmakers would stay clear from, all of the models are very wearable and subdued enough that wearers will get a lot of use from them. Our personal favourites are the Tony Stark and Captain Marvel models.

You can view the entire Marvel collection here.

Invicta X SpongeBob SquarePants

Definitely the wackiest and brightest on this list is the Invicta X SpongeBob SquarePants collection. Two models, each with a quite minimal watch face, but a busy and bright bezel and strap. The first model has a repeating collage of miniature SpongeBobs covering the entire watch. From afar, this would appear just to be a yellow watch, but as you get closer, the details come to life. The same goes for the second model, where the bezel and strap are covered entirely in illustrations of all of the SpongeBob characters. These watches are far more bright and intense than any other watch collaboration we have come across, which is why they deserve a place on this list. Invicta clearly aren’t scared to make their pieces bright and fun, and have created two nostalgic and joyful models.

The themed webpage for the SpongeBob collection can be found here.

Concluding Collaborations

Watch collaborations are a staple in the industry.

They generate excitement from watch wearers and supporters of the collaborating company, they look exciting, and they are a unique and fun way to style yourself with one of your interests, favourite movies, or childhood characters. By watch companies deciding to collaborate with a business outside of the jewellery industry, and teaming up with popular culture companies instead, we get to see creativity and humour in the pieces that are created, proving that watches need not be so formal and plain. If you want a Spider-Man watch, you can have one, and only people who look at the piece in great detail will notice the little piece of fun you carry on your wrist.

Watch collaborations are a really fun way to add something extra to your style. Visit our shop to check out our pieces and find your watch style. Is your watch in need of some extra love? Watch Repair Piccadilly is here to help with all of your watch related needs. Contact us with any questions or problems with your timepiece. We would love to chat with you!